Good Old Yorkshire! Yes! Our warehouse in Yorkshire, or more specifically Halifax in West Yorkshire, is ready to start providing the full package and answer to your fulfilment demands. The process is very simple. We have software which connects to your sales platforms and marketplaces. This takes care of the “technical” computery stuff. I am not sure computery is a word but you get what i mean. Your products are then shipped to our Yorkshire fulfilment warehouse. Don’t worry – they will love it here – while they wait in a nice and tidy space waiting to be sent out to your customers. Once an order is received it shows on our warehouse management system and our team of Yorkshires finest men and women go to work! Depending on how we tailor your package, which is to match your needs, we then go through the picking, packaging and posting process. We pick the order matching the SKU or barcode you have provided. We package it, unless the product is already packaged and we print the postage label. BOOM. It is now ready to leave our beautiful Yorkshire warehouse. Hopefully it is going somewhere else within this beautiful Yorkshire area, but wherever it is destined to land, it is tracked all the way. Our system will provide you of updates the whole way and tracking information that can be passed on to the customer. And it really is that simple with CR Fulfiment Solutions. You can forget about warehouse stress and just leave that to us! Worried about staff, couriers, rent, space? Blah blah blah! Dont!!! Let us worry about all of that. Have a great day x