CR Fulfilment Solutions are dealing more and more with companies from throughout the USA wanting to work with us as their fulfilment partner in the UK. Our ability to ship orders quickly and efficiently throughout the UK and Europe enables us to dispatch for companies across the ocean. The process is just like it is for companies within the UK that use our service, the goods just travel a little further to get to us! Orders can come from the manufacturer in Asia, designed from the USA company, direct to us. Or alternatively, stock can be sent from a USA site to our site in Yorkshire in the UK. This means that the American company has full access to all our warehouse facilities. We receive the goods, check the goods, store the goods ready for picking and packing, and then upload the system with the inventory that we have just taken. This is then ready for to be fulfilled by our system like any order. We can be contacted today to discuss your USA requirements in the UK by emailing us at