CR Fulfilment solutions offers a brilliant returns management facility. Is your company sending items and not sure what to do with any returns? Running out of room or time to process your online returns? We can handle the return of any items, entering them into our our system and providing you with the feedback. We then offer you a variety of options with what to do with the returns once they are received. We can repackage these items and then send them back to a new customer. This is after a full assessment process to make sure the goods are acceptable to be sent out again. Alternatively we can send you photos of any damage and then leave it to you to assess whether we should forward to yourselves or get rid of the items ourselves. We have a full scapping process. This makes dealing with a returns a very easy process.

It goes likes this:

  • We get the returns
  • We assess the returned item
  • We update you – damaged/ok/etc
  • We take action – repackage/get rid of the item/forward to you
  • We provide information of the return so you can refund or advise on replacement

CR Fulfilment solutions offers an easy answer to your eccomerce returns. It really is quite simple and takes all the stress out of the returns process. Rather than worrying about what is coming next you can use this opportunity to turn returns into an upselling opportunity and together we will offer your customer such a quick easy solution that they will be impressed and come straight back with orders in the future. We view returns as a chance to turn a negative into a positive.