We specialise in UK and European e-commerce order fulfilment support. We offer you a  dedicated team who will manage your account from orders in and pick pack to inventory and shipping. We offer you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your online business in a partnership based on trust and reliability.

1. Goods-in & storage

When we receive goods in at CR Fulfilment Solutions we require a detailed packing list; this should show Single Kind Unit codes (SKU), quantity of each SKU and brief description. This is the information we use to check the delivery and subsequently enter onto the Warehouse Management System (WMS) inventory.

2. Order handling

When your order file is received at CR Fulfilment Solutions, it will be processed through our management system. This produces a copy of the order, including quantity, description, batch code and expiry date (if applicable), shipping method and customers address details. This is then passed to the warehouse.

3. Pick & pack

When the order batch is received in the warehouse, an operator will retrieve the products from the pick face by referring to the order batch for the location, description, quantity and any other information on the order file. The products will then be packed according to client specification and shipped by the pre-agreed method.

4. Shipping

CR Fulfilment Solutions has agreed consolidated contracts with most major carriers both for UK and international deliveries. We can offer a wide range of shipping options from a small package to a pallet or a trailer load. Clients can specify a preferred method for shipping their orders.

5. Returns handling

CR Fulfilment Solutions can be used as the return address for your goods. We can check, report and return to inventory for a pre-agreed fee if required.

Pharmaceutical products requiring batch recall can be identified from our inventory system. We can identify which of your customers received which batch, how many and when. This enables us to contact your customers to arrange for any unsold stock to be collected and returned to us for quarantine.

6. Management reporting

CR Fulfilment Solutions can provide management reports in a variety of ways. We can produce daily, weekly or monthly transaction reports, inventory reports, tracking reports, etc. If you have a specific requirement please contact us.

Bespoke packing tape is another way to raise your profile. We can use personalised packing tape for all your despatches from CR Fulfilment Solutions to further promote your brand.  This can be printed on white tape with your company logo or branding in a choice of colours.

Gift wrapping service is available to customers as an optional extra. For an additional charge, we could place your item in coloured tissue and carefully parcel up in gift wrap paper with a ribbon or a bow, before placing in a shipper box for despatch.

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