Are you a small growing UK business? Do you need more warehouse Space? More warehouse staff? Warehouse equipment like forklifts, packing benches, printers, wrappers etc? As a small company this is all going to be an immediate expense for you. It will also limit your flexibility. You will need to be at the warehouse for shipments in and out all day, need to watch your staff and make sure they are all working and doing as instructed, worry about the lighting bills, the forklift breaking down, the list goes on. But you have too many orders, not enough space in your home and the garage is overflowing?! We have heard this story before, you are not alone so do not worry!

CR Fulfilment Solutions is the perfect partner for you to make that next step without going into a massive daunting world you aren’t sure about. We can give a long and short explanation of how fulfilment solutions are going to help you. Firstly with the short. Send the stock to our warehouse in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We will unpack it, stock it and get it ready for dispatch! Much better than it being in your garage and spare bedrooms upsetting everyone else isnt it? Correct. Now you get an order and you want it there ASAP – your customer expects it soon. When are they going to get it? Has it been sent yet? At CRFS we send all orders placed before 3pm. Sending it via one of our couriers like royal mail or DPD, you will have full tracking details and can inform your customer when they will be receiving their goods. How quickly they get it will be down to you – 24 hour royal mail, next day DPD, 2 day DPD etc etc!

You could be selling on amazon, ebay and your shopify/magento website? Blimey this is going to be chaos?! Nope, not at all. Our experience in ecommerce warehouse fulfilment is up there with the best and this is not going to be a problem. We connect your stock to our system. The orders come through to us, we send them out with the courier discussed, packaged in the way we have discussed. It really is that simple. The software shows you the tracking – DONE! Rest easy knowing its on the way. You have only had to send your goods to us and you suddenly have a warehouse, all your house space back, warehouse staff, wrapping and packing equipment, access to couriers at amazing rates and so much more.

This allows your small business the opportunity to grow. It gives you the flexibility to grow it. Want to go to a trade show? Not sure how to be at the trade show in Glasgow and send your orders from where you are based? This is a common concern for alot of people stretching themselves. While our clients are at trade shows, see manufacturers, selling, getting inspired etc – we are sending their orders. It is one part that they do not need to worry about. CR Fulfilment Solutions is perfect for you as we have worked with many “small businesses” that are now not so small! And the key to the rapid growth and success was that they didn’t have to spend hours and hours of each day cello-taping, making boxes up and going to the post office.

We are the answer to your fulfilment needs and would love to grow with you as you start this exciting expansion. Please get in touch with us and lets have a chat about where you are going and how our warehouse can become your warehouse.