Often called 3PLs (short for “third-party logistics”), e-commerce fulfillment services have been around for years, managing product distribution and fulfillment for large retail businesses and small mail-order companies. While the services covered here in this roundup provide the same services, they separate themselves from traditional 3PLs because of their concentration on providing fulfillment services for retailers.

E-commerce fulfillment companies usually start with basic fees for services that include receiving (accepting and managing inventory at the warehouse), storage, pick-and-pack (the process of selecting and packing the products for each order), and shipping. Billing can vary depending on how many shipments you have per month. Companies that ship more products per month can expect discounts on the rates.

Then there will be additional costs that depend on your company’s specific needs. These costs can include insurance to cover breakage and other issues, special packaging (for fragile, heavy, or large orders), branded boxes, grouping products in “kits” (if, for example, you are selling gift assortments), inventory management, expedited shipping options, and a variety of other costs.

The more warehouses to which your e-fulfillment service has access, the more shipment options you have, and the faster your product can get to your customers—without you having to pay for two-day or overnight shipping.

Finally, check to make sure that you’re not contractually stuck with an e-commerce fulfillment service with which you’re not happy. Many e-commerce fulfillment services, especially those that work with smaller merchants, offer their services on a month-to-month basis so that you can move on if there’s a problem. Some will offer that up to a certain point.

In the end, the success of an e-commerce fulfillment service can only be judged by how quickly and efficiently the service gets your product to your customers. Once you have chosen an e-commerce fulfillment service, you have, in essence, chosen a partner in your company’s success, so choose carefully.

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