CR fulfilment solutions has numerous relationships in China with companies shipping to the UK in order to open themselves up to the markets and sales channels here. Some of our clients have their own websites and others just use amazon, ebay and other similiar marketplaces. The business model is relatively simple and nothing new to report. They produce the goods they are selling in Asia and then send them in a container or something similiar, usually by sea freight, to ourselves at CR Fulfilment Solutions. This is the hard bit done. They then list the shipped products on their marketplaces and websites and just get ready for us!

Upon arrival in the UK the goods will clear customs and arrive at our warehouse for a full inspection. They are then unpacked and stored ready for picking, packaging and posting. Once the sales channels are linked with our system, which is a very simple process. We are then ready to start receiving orders for these products. We can go live and start shipping instantly. Now it is a case of company X selling the product. Once it is sold, the order is sent automatically to our fulfilment warehouse where we will then process the order and dispatch it. We will then provide the tracking information so that clients have tracking information available on request.

This is the beauty of Chinese companies using a third party logistics warehouse. They have no need for staff, warehouse premises, machines, packaging, dealing with suppliers, couriers and all the other inconveniences that come with a fulfilment warehouse. This is hard enough when english is your first language. With CR Fulfilment Solutions you only have to speak to ourselves and we have years of experience both working with Chinese companies and in China. Rather than take the risk and inconvenience of having a UK warehouse, why not let our warehouse become your warehouse and start letting us do the heavy lifting for you. If you have any queries on eccommerce fulfilment solutions or warehousing then please do not hesitate to get in touch